Daily Sudoku Contest with Cash Prize; no entry fee!

Published: 15th May 2006
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A daily sudoku contest offering a prize money of US$25 is causing waves on the Internet, with enthusiasts of the madly popular game rushing to test their skills.

The Sudoku Daily Contest is being hosted by a community site, Sudoku Village ( http://www.SudokuVillage.com ), promoted by Geostar Publishing LLC, a US-based e-publishing company. The community is a sequel to a highly successful eBook published by the company, titled: "How to Solve every Sudoku Puzzle" ( http://www.HowToSolveEverySudokuPuzzle.com ).

As the contest has puzzles of varying levels of difficulty, from "very easy" to "very difficult", even beginners are taking a shot at it.

"It's the most wonderful thing - and the only interesting feature in the whole internet services because I'm totally addicted to Sudoku," says a member of the site.

One subscriber even claims the contest has improved her image in the family: "My husband thinks I am a nut, but when I keep winning, I tell him now are you glad I am a nut?"

Sudoku Village has welcomed every Sudoku enthusiast to join and avail all the privileges that go with the membership of this fast-growing community. With over 2,200 members joining the bandwagon within about 10 days of its launch, the call has not gone unheeded. Indeed, by the look of things, a community is precisely what Sudoku addicts worldwide seem to have been seeking, if the reactions of its members are any indication.

"I think that it is great; just what Sudoku people need - others to share their talent with and to exchange methods!!! I think it is just what we need!" gushes one.

"I appreciate all that you do to join Sudoku-ers together and help us solve the darn things. Thank you for your continued interest!" exclaims another.

The daily contest itself has proved to be a rallying point for the site's growing legion of members with blogs and forums on the site chocabloc with messages exhorting the winners to part with their "secret" methods.

A typical comment reads: "All of us struggling to win here will appreciate any useful hints and tips. Even tips from losers on what doesn't seem to work will help, I suppose."

"Please make your winning formula a public secret," pleads another.

There is no dearth of members offering to help others in the community to hone their skills, either.

In what may remind the uninitiated of the biblical parable of Babel, one community member offers the following words of wisdom to beginners: "I go down, then across, then the boxes, and repeat. If I get stuck, I do each individual box to see if only one number can go into it."

Asked why the site was offering the free contest, the Managing Director of Geostar, Dr. Glenn Livingston says, "When we decided to launch Sudoku Village, we were looking to create permanent value for Sudoku enthusiasts. The free contest is in keeping with that objective."

The contest, with no entry fee, is the only one of its kind. The rules of the contest are very fair and simple. A prize of US$ 25 is awarded every day to a member of Sudoku Village, who solves the puzzle online in the shortest possible time. To pre-empt the use of unfair means, reasonable precautions have been taken, says Glenn.

A major attraction of the contest is that it's open to members from all countries, and absolutely free. "An international community needs an international contest," says Glenn while pointing out that Sudoku Village, with over 2,000 members (who have joined within just 10 days of launch), represents a cross section of Sudoku addicts from all over the world.

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